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Total Recoil explodes onto the PsVita!

Time to bring your ‘A’-game, soldier!

We’re very proud to announce that the explosive shoot-em-up Total Recoil that has been downloaded around a million times from the App Store and Google play store and has an average user review score of 4.9/5 is coming to the PSVita™

This is the best version yet! Developing on the PSVita™ has given us even more control than mobile and tablet games – we’ve made great use of the PSVita’s™ controls. You use the left stick to move, the right stick to shoot and strafe. When you fire a missile you can trace it’s path around the screen using the rear touch pad, then pilot your killstreak air attack using the front touch screen.

Remember there are only two rules in Total Recoil.....

Rule one: Shoot everything that moves!

Rule two: Shoot everything that doesn’t!

Happy New Year

2012 was a very busy year for Eiconic, we worked on 3 released games last year. The first was PulzAR, part of Sony's AR Suite for the PS Vita. We then partnered with Sony again to release a sequel to our Arctic Adventures Minis game on their new PlayStation Mobile platform titled Brain Freeze. Finally at the end of the year we released our first iOS title Total Recoil.

There's lots to look forward to in 2013, we're currently working on updates to Total Recoil and we'll soon be releasing the game on Android devices and another platform that we will be announcing shortly, so stay tuned!

PulzAR PocketGamer Review

The first review is in for PulzAR from PocketGamer and they like it a lot, giving it their Silver Award!

PulzAR PS Vita AR Game

The latest game that we worked on has just been released, PulzAR for the PS Vita. It's a puzzle game using the AR Play Cards and is the first one to use all 6 cards at once. It's available in both the US and EU stores right now for $1.99/£1.59/€1.99 respectively and has trophies included.


Graeme will be representing Eiconic over at GDC 2012 in San Francisco from the 6th - 9th March. If you'd like to arrange a meeting then please email graeme.monk@eiconic.com or call his cell on +44 8709 433300.

Mercury Hg Reviews

We've had a lot of great reviews coming through since Mercury Hg was released last week...

IGN Review - 8/10 - "For $4.99, you’re getting an awesome game that will keep you occupied for some time."

Nxus Review - 9/10 - "Mercury Hg is a fantastic little puzzler that stretches your mind and your dexterity all for the small price of £3.99 / $4.99 (£3.19 for PS Plus)."

XXLGaming - 80% - "Mercury Hg is a simple concept that really draws the player in and forces them to continually play with its addictive and fun gameplay."

Digitally Downloaded - 4/5 - "...once you get into the game it utterly blows you away. Dry? Hells no, this is one of the best puzzle games this side of Lumines when it comes to raw energy and excitement."

Just Push Start - 4/5 - "The presentation is immaculate, with music-responsive levels in an attractive science-lab framework and the replay value for the high-score obsessed is great."

Mercury Hg Released

Mercury Hg hits PSN in North America today, Tuesday 27th September for $4.99, two DLC packs will follow in the coming months. The PSN European release is on Wednesday 28th September, priced at £3.99/€4.99.

For more details check out the latest PlayStation.Blog article.

The Microsoft XBLA version releases worldwide tomorrow, Wednesday 28th September for 400 MSP.

More Mercury Hg previews

As we get closer to the release date of Mercury Hg more previews are appearing on websites and TV shows.

First up is a website preview from crunchyroll: Mercury Hg preview

Next we have a great video preview from the official YouTube channel of the TV show Playr.

GamesRadar: Mercury Hg hands-on preview!

GamesRadar has featured one of the first hands-on previews for our upcoming Mercury Hg game.

Visit the link to the site below to catch up with the latest on the game and some new screenshots.

GamesRadar Mercury Hg hands-on preview!

Arctic Adventures Now Available in SCE Asia!

We've partnered with SCE Asia to bring our Minis puzzler Arctic Adventures: Polar's Puzzles to a whole new audience.

The game was released on the PlayStation®Store in SCE Asia territories on the 2nd June.

For more details on the game visit the Singapore store

Mercury Hg Announced!

E3 reveal for Mercury Hg!

Our latest game Mercury Hg has been announced for Xbox360 and PS3 at E3.

The full press release can be found on IGN

Check out Mercury Hg being demonstrated on PS3 at E3 below:

Arctic Adventures Christmas Facebook Offer!

Santa has come early this year!

To help you get into the festive spirit, we've teamed up with the nice folks at Sony to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas with a free giveaway of our hit 'minis' title Arctic Adventures.

To claim your free download voucher code, simply visit the Sony Playstation facebook page and follow the instructions.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Arctic Adventures Reviews!

We've been getting some great reviews since Arctic Adventures was released - here are some choice quotes...

"A most worthwhile addition to the PSP’s library ... High production values, plenty of value for money and solid puzzle action at hand – what are you waiting for?" - Burning Thumbs

"One of the best-looking, sounding and playing minis I have yet tried." - 8/10 the sixth axis

"Arctic Adventures is a good time that feels well suited to a mobile experience." - 7/10 IGN

And the nice chaps from FuturLab (makers of the ace minis title Coconut Dodge) have written a lovely post on their blog praising our game. Thanks fellas!

Arctic Adventures Available Now in Europe!

Arctic Adventures: Polar's Puzzles is released today on the PlayStation®Store in Europe for £3.49 / €3.99. For our North American friends it should be landing on your shores on the 3rd August.

Arctic Adventures Coming Soon!

Over the last few weeks we've been hard at work bringing the continuing adventures of our hero from Polar Panic to the PSP™, and we're pretty pleased with how it's turned out.

We've specially crafted 50 brand new puzzle levels which you'll soon be able to get your teeth into in our PSP minis title Arctic Adventures: Polar's Puzzles. The game will be compatible with both PSP™ and PlayStation®3 so you'll be able to enjoy it at home or on the move!

We'll be releasing more info in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Polar Panic Released!

We're proud to announce our latest game Polar Panic, which is now available to buy on Xbox LIVE Arcade and Playstation Network!

Play through 50 challenging levels and battle Mr Big in Story Mode. Guide Polar to victory against the trappers, across the frozen wastes and through the forests wrecked by over logging. Work your way through all 50 of the fiendish puzzles. Survive against never ending waves of trappers in Survivor Mode. Challenge your friends with 2-4 players against the trappers and each other in Kills, Points or Last Man Standing.

Check out the game's shiny new website for more info

CasualGaming.biz: Eiconic Interview

CasualGaming.biz got together with us to ask for our thoughts on the casual gaming market, where it was heading, and what plans we had for it. The interview addressed some interesting points and outlines where Eiconic is carving their own niché.

Develop: Tutorial - Distributed Development

Following on from our earlier Round Table Discussion, Develop wanted to talk further about how we operate. Here, in our Distibuted Development Tutorial, not only to you get to see the geniuses behind the company, but we also discuss some points to look out for and what to avoid should you wish to work this way. The future is now...

MCV: Insider's Guide

A quick chat with MCV about who Eiconic are.

Just who is that dashing, young fellow?

Develop: Midlands Roundtable Discussion

Back in June '09 we got together with other leading independant UK developers to discuss the state of the industry, where it was going, what needed to be done and where as small games developers where we see our niché markets.

Read the full article as published in Develop #96 (July '09).

Develop 100: Congratulations to All!

Ever year Develop publishes the top 100 worldwide studios. Congratulations to everyone appearing in this years list, but someone is going to have to make space for Eiconic soon! To celebrate this publication, Eiconic took a full page advert out to celebrate the annoucement of our first project, Squeeballs Party.

Eiconic Goes to E3
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