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Final Horizon

Described as "2 minute tower defence", Final Horizon is a new take on the popular strategy genre. Combining fast paced action and deep strategy, you'll need to keep your wits about you if you want to survive.

Final Horizon takes you on an epic story across far reaching planets and solar systems as you fight the mysterious and deadly Swarm.

Scheduled for release on PS4 and PSVita in Q4 2014

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Total Recoil

Look lively soldier, grab your gear and fall in line for the biggest, baddest, craziest and most explosive game on mobile and handheld consoles, ever.

Total Recoil packs devastating explosions, mega bosses, and much much more into one dynamite package.

Total Recoil, download now on the App Store.

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1,000,000 downloads on iOS and Android!

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Brain Freeze

To promote the launch of Sony's Playstation Mobile format we were happy to continue the story of Arctic Adventures with the release of Brain Freeze.

Fifty brain puzzling levels playable on the Playstation Vita, Sony Tablet, Xperia, HTC and compatible mobile phones.

Brain Freeze - Out now on Playstation Mobile.

Five out of five stars user reviews

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We were asked by Sony to create and Augemented Reality puzzle game for the launch of the PS Vita, as a part of Sony's AR Play suite.

PulzAR is the first PS Vita AR game to use all six AR cards in this challenging puzzle game. Use the cards to reflect, recolour and refract lazer beams to charge up rockets that are the last chance of destroying asteroids before they crash into Earth.

PulzAR - Out now on Playstation Store.

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Mercury Hg

Mercury Hg brings the franchise bang up to date on PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360. Download the Trial now on PSN/XBLA and play it yourself.

Levels that move and react to the beat of your music collection, Sixaxis™ support, the "Re-merge" feature, and much more...

Mercury Hg - Out now on PSN and XBLA.

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Arctic Adventures: Polar's Puzzles

Cold on the heels of our success with Polar Panic, we've brought more arctic antics to the PSP™ and PlayStation®3 with our new PSP minis title.

Play as Polar in 50 brand new brain-freezing puzzles from the icy north on the Icetruck to the explosive Oil Rig levels. Will you find yourself all at sea on the boat puzzles or can you prove you are smarter than the average bear?

"A most worthwhile addition to the PSP’s library ... High production values, plenty of value for money and solid puzzle action at hand – what are you waiting for?" - Burning Thumbs

"One of the best-looking, sounding and playing minis I have yet tried." - 8/10 the sixth axis

Out now - Arctic Adventures: Polar’s Puzzles - Compatible with PSP™ and PlayStation®3.

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Polar Panic

Polar Panic was conceived in the Eiconic studio and developed independently in house. Published on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation®Network the game has been a hit with both gamers and reviewers alike.

"Polar Panic is a one awesomely hot puzzle adventure" - Game Chronicles review (8.8 / 10)

"Survivor mode is very cool. Fast-paced, non-stop action that can get pretty intense." - Gamers Daily News review (8 / 10)

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Squeeballs Party

Squeeballs are very small, very cute, cuddly toys that are manufactured on a secret island somewhere in the Pacific. Before the Squeeballs can be sold to children across the world, Squeeballs must be fully tested... sometimes to the point of destruction. This is where the player comes in. Players have to blow up, cook, slice, bat, bowl, shoot and bounce the Squeeballs through over 150 mini game challenges.

Squeeballs Party was developed simulataneously for Wii, Playstation®3 and Xbox360 in collaboration with PDP. It uses the latest range of motion sensitive controllers providing an innovative game experience which appeals to a wide audience. But you don’t have to take our word for it...

"The look-and-feel of Squeeballs Party is consistently brilliant and smacks of fun with its rich palette of colours." - Thirteen 1 review (11 / 13)

"Throws equal parts Boom Blox!, de Blob, Cooking Mama, and even Wii Sports into a gaming blender and comes out with a smooth and frothy minigame slushy that is every bit as good as its ingredients." - Game Chronicles review (7 / 10)

"Squeeballs Party is chock full of demented fun!" - Game Vortex review (88 / 100)

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